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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 2

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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 2 “Perfect through suffering.” (Heb. 2:10.) Steel is iron plus fire. Soil is rock, plus heat, or glacier crushing.  Linen is flax plus the bath that cleans, the comb that separates, and the flail that pounds, and the shuttle that weaves. Human character must have a plus attached to it. The world does not forget great characters. But great characters are not made of luxuries, they are made by suffering. I heard of a mother who brought into her home as a companion to her own son, a crippled boy who was also a hunchback. She had warned her boy to be very careful in his relations to him, and not to touch the sensitive part of his life but go right on playing with him as if he were an ordinary boy. She listened to her son as they were playing; and after a few minutes he said to his companion: “Do you know what you have got on your back?” The little hunchback was embarrassed, and he hesitated a moment. The boy said: “It is the box in which your wings are; and some day God is going to cut it open, and then you will fly away and be an angel.” Some day, God is going to reveal the fact to every Christian, that the very principles they now rebel against, have been the instruments which He used in perfecting their characters and moulding them into perfection, polished stones for His great building yonder. --- Cortland Myers. Suffering is a wonderful fertilizer to the roots of character. The great object of this life is character. This is the only thing we can carry with us into eternity….To gain the most of it and the best of it is the object of probation. --- Austin Phellps. “By the thorn road and no other is the mount of vision won.” “因受苦难得以完全”。(来2:10) 铁加上火成为钢。土地是岩石加上热,或冰河的冲压。麻布是亚麻纤维加上清洗,梳劈,槌击,和纺织。人格也是一定有其附加的因素。伟大人物决不为世界所遗忘,但伟大人物不是由逸乐,而是由苦难所造成的。 有一个母亲,带了一个瘸腿而又驼背的孩子回去,作他儿子的游伴。她曾警告她的儿子,要十分当心,不要用言语去伤这残废孩子的心:只要好好地和他玩耍,当他一个普通的孩子。当他们玩耍的时候,她暗暗地偷听她儿子说些什么;过了几分钟,他对他的游伴说:“你知道你背上所背的是什么吗”?小驼背大为受窘,答不出一句话来。他说:“这是一个装翅膀的匣子;有一天,神要替你打开来;那时你就能象天使一样飞行了”。 有一天,神必让每一个基督徒看见:他们现在所反对的,乃是他所用的工具,为要叫他们完全。他要他们成为磨光的石子,好用以建造天上的殿宇。——麦友 苦难对于人格的培植,是一种奇妙的肥料。人生的伟大目的,是培植人格,惟有人格,是我们能够带入永恒的东西……试炼的目的,就是要我们获得高尚的人格。——斐尔泼斯 走尽荆棘路,能登异象山。
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