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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 3

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Streams In the Desert for December 3 “Is it well with thy husband? Is it well with the child? (2 Kings 4:26.) “Be strong, my soul! Thy loved ones go Within the veil. God’s thine, e’en so; Be strong. “Be strong, my soul! Death looms in view. Lo, here thy God! He’ll bear thee through; Be strong.” For sixty-two years and five months I had a beloved wife, and now, in my ninety-second year I am left alone. But I turn to the ever present Jesus, as I walk up and down in my room, and say, “Lord Jesus, I am alone, and yet not alone-Thou art with me, Thou art my Friend. Now, Lord, comfort me, strengthen me, give to Thy poor servant everything Thou seest he needs.” And we should not be satisfied till we are brought to this, that we know the Lord Jesus Christ experimentally, habitually to be our Friend: at all times, and under all circumstances, ready to prove Himself to be our Friend. --- George Mueller. Afflictions cannot injure when blended with submission. Ice breaks many a branch, and so I see a great many persons bowed down and crushed by their afflictions. But now and then I meet one that sings in affliction, and then I thank God for my own sake as well as his. There is no such sweet singing as a song in the night. You recollect the story of the woman who, when her only child died, in rapture looking up, as with the face of an angel, said, “I give you joy, my darling.” That single sentence has gone with me years and years down through my life, quickening and comforting me. --- Henry Ward Beecher. “E’en for the dead I will not bind my soul to grief; Death cannot long divide. Has blossomed on the other side? Death doth hide, But not divide; Thou art but on Christ’s other side! Thou art with Christ, and Christ with me; In Christ united still are we.” “你丈夫平安么?孩子平安么?”(王下4:26) 我的灵要坚强!/你所爱的人们已进天堂。/虽然如此,神是属于你的;/要坚强。 我的灵,要坚强!/死亡隐隐在望。/看哪,你的神在此!他会带你通过;/要坚强。 我所爱的妻子和我同居了六十二年零五个月,在我九十二岁这一年,竟然离开我去了。虽然在我这样衰老的日子,觉得非常孤单,但是当我在房中度来度去的时候,我看见我的主是一直与我同在的;我就对他说:“主耶稣啊,我虽然孤单,仍不孤单——你与我同在,你是我的朋友。现在,主啊,求你安慰我,坚固我;你看你可怜的仆人需要什么,你就给他什么”。 多少时候,我们的心得不着满足,是因为我们没有在经历上,习惯上,认识主耶稣基督是我们的朋友:无论在什么时候,什么环境中,他总是我们的朋友。——莫勒 以驯服之心,接受痛苦,决不会受伤的。 冰冻折裂了许多树枝,同样地,我看到许多人被痛苦所屈服,所摧残。但我时时遇见在痛苦中歌唱的人,我就为他和自己而感谢神。最美的声乐,莫过于深夜高歌。一位妇人,当她独生儿子去世时,她脸上带着天使般的表情,喜不自胜地仰望着说:“亲爱的,我给你欢欣”。这句简单的话,一直萦绕在我的生命中,年复一年地激励我,安慰我。——皮邱
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