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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 4

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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 4 “He went up into a mountain apart.” (Matt. 14:23.) One of the blessings of the old-time Sabbath was its calm, its restfulness, its holy peace. There is a strange strength conceived in solitude. Crows go in flocks and wolves in packs, but the lion and the eagle are solitaires. Strength is not in bluster and noise. Strength is in quietness. The lake must be calm if the heavens are to be reflected on its surface. Our Lord loved the people, but how often we read of His going away from them for a brief season. He tried every little while to withdraw from the crowd. He was always stealing away at evening to the hills. Most of His ministry was carried on in the towns and cities by the seashore, but He loved the hills the best, and oftentimes when night fell He would plunge into their peaceful depths. The one thing needed above all others today is that we shall go apart with our Lord, and sit at His feet in the sacred privacy of His blessed presence. Oh, for the lost art of meditation! Oh, for the culture of the secret place! Oh, for the tonic of waiting upon God! --- Selected. “It is well to live in the valley sweet, Where the work of the world is done, Where the reapers sing in the fields of wheat, As they toil till the set of sun. But beyond the meadows, the hills I see Where the noises of traffic cease, And I follow a Voice that calleth to me From the hilltop regions of peace. “Aye, to live is sweet in the valley fair, And to toil till the set of sun; But my spirit yearns for the hilltop’s air When the day and its work are done. For a Presence breathes o’er the silent hills, And it sweetness is living yet; The same deep calm all the hillside fills, As breathed over Olivet.” “every life that would be strong must have its Holy of Holies into which only God enters.” “他就独自上山去祷告”。(太14:23) 古代安息日的福祉之一,就是它的幽寂与安静。幽寂中含蓄着一种奇异的力量。乌鸦成队而飞,豺狼结群而行,但狮子和鹰,都是独来独往。 能力不在喧扰中,乃在安静中。湖水必须极其平静,才能在面上照出美丽的天空来。我们的主是极其爱世人的,可是多少次我们在经上读到他暂时离开群众,退去祷告。他工作的地方常在海边,可是他最爱山上;所以我们看见他晚间常上山去安息。 今天我们所最需要的一件事,乃是独自与主亲近,坐在他脚前安静。哦,巴不得我们能恢复那已失去的默想的艺术!哦,巴不得我们能受到密室的教育!——选 在甜蜜的山谷里生活是美好的,/世上的工作都在那里完成,/那里的收割者在麦田里歌唱,/他们要苦干到日落。/但在草地那边我所看到的群山,那里车辆的喧声已停止,/我就跟随一个呼召我的声音,/来自平静的山顶地区。 啊,在优美的山谷中生活是甜蜜的,/要苦干到日落;/但我的灵向往山顶的空气,/当白天的工作完成时。/因一位神在寂静的群山上面吹气,/其甜蜜的气息至今尚存;/所有的山坡上都充满同样的平静,/像在吹过的橄榄山上。 任何生命要想坚强,都必须有一个只让神进入的至圣所。
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