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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 7

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Streams In the Desert for Dec. 7 “Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain, yet that valley shall be filled with water, that ye may drink, both ye, and your cattle, and your beasts. And this is but a light thing in the sight of the Lord: He will deliver the Moabites also into your hand.” (2 Kings 3:17-18). To human thinking it was simply impossible, but nothing is hard for God. Without a sound or sign, from sources invisible and apparently impossible, the floods came stealing in all night long; and when the morning dawned, those ditches were flooded with the crystal waters, and reflecting the rays of the morning sun from the red hills of Edom. Our unbelief is always wanting some outward sign. The religion of many is largely sensational, and they are not satisfied of its genuineness without manifestations, etc.; but the greatest triumph of faith is to be still and know that He is God. The great victory of faith is to stand before some impassable Red Sea, and hear the Master say, "Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord," and "Go forward!" As we step out without any sign or sound -- not a wave-splash -- and wetting our very feet as we take the first step into the waters, still marching on we shall see the sea divide and the pathway open through the very midst of the waters. If we have seen the miraculous workings of God in some marvelous case of healing or some extraordinary providential deliverance, I am sure the thing that has impressed us most has been the quietness with which it was all done, the absence of everything spectacular and sensational, and the utter sense of nothingness which came to us as we stood in the presence of this mighty God and felt how easy it was for Him to do it all without the faintest effort on His part or the slightest help on ours. It is not the part of faith to question, but to obey. The ditches were made, and the water came pouring in from some supernatural source. What a lesson for our faith! Are you craving a spiritual blessing? Open the trenches, and God will fill them. And this, too, in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. Oh, for that faith that can act by faith and not by sight, and expect God to work although we see no wind or rain. --- A. B. Simpson “‘你们虽不见风,不见雨,这谷必满了水,使你们,和牲畜有水喝。’在耶和华眼中这还算为小事,他也必将摩押人交在你们手中。”(王下3:17-18) 照人看来,这是绝对不可能的事,但是在神没有难事。 没有风,没有雨,没有响声,没有征兆;但是次日早晨,有水从以东而来,沟中就满了澄清的水。反透着以东那边红色山岭上照过来的朝阳。 我们常喜欢凭征兆,凭感觉;没有表显,我们的心不会满足;但是最大的信心的胜利乃是在安静中知道他是神。 最大的信心的胜利乃是站在不能通行的红海面前,听耶和华说:“只管站住,看耶和华…的救恩”(出14:13)和“往前走”(15节)。我们举步的时候,没有声响,也没有征兆,第一步跨下去的时候,脚还沿着水,但若勇往直前走去,海分开了,水里展开了一条通道。 质问不是信心的事,服从才是信心的事。他们必须先挖沟,然后才有水来。他们必须先服从,然后才有祝福临到。这是我们信心的功课。 信徒啊,你是不是在渴望属灵的祝福呢?挖开你的沟来,神会用想不到的方法来填满它们的。 哦,巴不得我们行事只凭信心,不凭眼见;我们虽不见风,不见雨,仍当仰望神来工作!——信宣
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